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Services Tailored for Business Owners

Business owners are driven individuals. Starting a business takes courage, boldness, and risk. That’s just the beginning. Shaping a business into a successful enterprise takes skill, determination, and much more. You set goals and accomplish them. There’s no doubt you live and breathe your company, but what if you could achieve more?

At High Bluff Private Wealth, we understand the unique challenges business owners face. From shaping the big picture down to the day-to-day operations, there are serious demands on your time. This can limit your ability to help your company grow and thrive. Additionally, that focus on your business can take away from the time and energy necessary to ensure that your personal finances are on track and your wealth is being managed as effectively as possible. Our financial planning services for business owners include managing both personal and professional finances, allowing you to dedicate your energy where it’s best spent.

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A full suite of professional financial solutions.

Business Succession

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Implementing Executive Benefits

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Planning for Retirement

Business owners are busy and can often place the needs of the business ahead of their own. This can push retirement planning to the back burner as there is only so much time in the day to dedicate to your work, family and hobbies. Outsourcing this responsibility to a firm of seasoned professionals can help to guide you on the path to financial freedom. Let us put together a customized retirement plan for you so we can, together, make sure you are on track to reach your financial goals.

Launching Benefits Programs

Benefits packages can be excellent for recruiting staff and retaining great team members.  More than retirement, benefits packages can be drafted to include a number of attractive options.  Employees comfortable in their finances can devote more attention to the workplace, increasing productivity while boosting morale.

Preparing for Business Succession

Business succession may have a different meaning based on who you ask.  For a family firm, business succession may include splitting ownership among children and keeping the company whole.  Professional firms may pass into the hands of senior partners.  Perhaps selling to the right buyer fits your vision for succession.  Whatever your plan is for succession, we can help you with that.

Other Services Include:

Retirement Planning

Investment Management
College Planning
Insurance Planning
Executive Finance
Responsible Investing

Charitable Planning
Estate Planning
Business Succession/Exit Planning
Qualified Retirement Plan Design & Implementation

A full suite of professional financial solutions.