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The decision to sell a business is never easy, but deciding to sell is only the first step in the business transition process. When you’re ready to retire or switch career paths, knowing where to turn can be a challenge – unless you know where to look. Your business is built on the relationships you have with your clients, and on your good name. Successfully transitioning means knowing how to place a value on your practice, selling it for a fair rate, and ensuring ongoing superior care for your clients.

Our Team

Our team consists of four wealth advisors and one office manager, and together we foster a collaborative environment to capitalize on the strengths of every member.  Our team, several of whom have decades until retirement, are interested in cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. Our firm is well-positioned for growth with a history of successful advisory practice acquisitions.

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We are dedicated to assisting clients in every aspect of their financial lives.  Through an in-depth discovery process, a personalized financial plan and clear recommendations give our clients the confidence and empowerment to pursue their financial goals.

We believe the foundation of our business is the relationship we have with our clients.  We are committed to acting in our clients’ best interest, to be open and honest, and to communicate clearly and often with our clients.

Our mission is to assist our clients in every aspect of their financial lives.


Prioritizing the Client

Your business is valuable.  It represents time, dedication, and the cultivation of client relationships.  When selling your practice, it’s more than just a dollar value – it’s knowing that your clients will continue receiving exceptional service and a team that’s determined to earn their trust.

At High Bluff Private Wealth, our focus on the client experience sets us apart.  In an increasingly digital and commoditized world, we believe our personalized care and quality service make us your unequaled choice of partner.


We have helped other financial advisors in similar situations successfully sell and transition their business.  Our team-based approach combines our specialties and perspectives, multiplying our results.  We are committed to strong, long-term relationships with our clients, and would be happy to provide a list of referrals upon request.

Your clients want to know they’ll be happy with the transition.  Our reputation, customer service, and high retention rate will help them feel confident and comfortable.

The Checklist for a Successful Transition


The first step in selling your practice is determining the value of your financial advisory firm.  Placing a value on relationships and service can be difficult.  If you need help determining the value of your practice, we can help you obtain an estimate from a third party.


Firms are evaluated for compliance and compared for compatibility before committing to a relationship.  Prior to acquisition it is necessary to explore financial history, licensing, and a few more details.  We also want to ensure your clients continue to get the same great service they are used to.


Once we have determined our business style and philosophy is a match for yours and your client base, your clients will begin the integration process. We will communicate the change to your clients and schedule introductory meetings with them, to ensure a seamless transition.


If you’re ready to talk about selling and transitioning your financial advisory practice, we would love to hear from you. Let us show you the customer care we are known for as we help you successfully sell your business and care for your clients, all for a fair rate and with ease. Find out why our clients choose us for all of their financial needs.